« » A woman comforts her crying friend
Comfort 24x24 $1600
Diners look away from each other
Dinner Trio 20x20 $1450
A woman ascends the stairs
Purple Line 18x48 $2950
A woman drinks wine and talks on the phone
On the Phone 36x36 $4250
Several people wait at a crosswalk
Crosswalk 14x14 $850
Several people wait at a crosswalk
Bedroll 16x24 SOLD
A woman applies lipstick
Honeybee Lipstick 24x24 $1600
A woman appears excited
No? Yes! 36x36 $4250
A woman wearing clown makeup appears dismayed
Clown Tears 8X10 SOLD
A grey cat
The Destroyer 12x16 $850
Sheep graze next to trucks
Sheepish 8x10 $525
Snowy scene on Colfax Avenue
Colfax Winter 12x24 $950
Broadway Motel
Broadway Motel 48x48 $8950
A bus drives past a motel
Bus and Motel 24x30 $2000
A welcome sign on a motel
Welcome 49x72 $11,150
Still life showing empty bottles
Apostles 24x60 $4250
Still life of cow toy with utensils
Where's the Beef? 8x10 SOLD
still life of deoderant with utensils
Dieter's Secret 8x10 $525