« » Refuge in the bat
Bathtub 36x36
A woman removes her robe
Disrobing 8x10
A woman contemplates her figure in the mirror
Infidelity 8x10
A woman buttons her shirt
Borrowed Shirt 8x10
A woman adjusts her bra strap
Adjusting Straps 16x20
A woman comforts her crying friend
Comfort 24x24
Diners look away from each other
Dinner Trio 20x20
A woman drinks wine and talks on the phone
On the Phone 36x36
Several people wait at a crosswalk
Crosswalk 14x14
Several people wait at a crosswalk
Bedroll 16x24 SOLD
A woman applies lipstick
Honeybee Lipstick 24x24
A woman appears excited
No? Yes! 36x36
A woman wearing clown makeup appears dismayed
Clown Tears 8X10 SOLD
A grey cat
The Destroyer 12x16
Horses pastured in the Arkansas River Valley
Arkansas River Valley 20x60
Overpass with train
Over You 16x20
Snowy scene on Colfax Avenue
Colfax Winter 12x24
Broadway Motel
Broadway Motel 48x48
A bus drives past a motel
Bus and Motel 24x30
A welcome sign on a motel
Welcome 49x72
The porcelain throne
Bathroom 8x10
Toothbrush, aspirin, and deoderant
Toothbrush 11x14
Still life showing empty bottles
Apostles 24x60
Still life of cow toy with utensils
Where's the Beef? 8x10 SOLD
still life of deoderant with utensils
Dieter's Secret 8x10